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Recommended brewing equipment- Turkish, Espresso, Aeropress, Moka pot, Drip/Pour Over, Metal Filter, Percolator, Cold brew, French press

Roast level- Light-Medium Roast

Product content- Single Estate, 100% Arabica
Region: Chikmagalur
Estate Name: Unakki
Varietal: Sln 13, Sln 9 and Sln 795
Altitude: 3700 ft - 5000 ft
Processing: Black Honey
Anoxic fermentation of cherries for around 40 - 48 hrs. The fermented cherries are pulped and then, the pulped coffees are fermented for around 6-8 hrs in anaerobic condition and put out for drying the next day.
Drying time : 10-15 days

Tasting notes- Just a good cup of coffee.